Thursday, December 15, 2011

Le Semestre En Rose

Hello again, dear readers. First, I would like to apologize for the lengthy break between my last post and this one. While I may not use study days for much real work, I do occasionally have to study during finals week itself. But now, my finals are over, and it's time for Law & Order SVU, sitting around doing nothing, and, of course, writing a new blog post. I figured that, as my third semester is now officially done, the only appropriate topic this evening was a semester review. And let me tell you, my semester has been pretty great.

(Also, in honor of the new Facebook layout, I've decided to write this one timeline-style.)

August 17: Move in. Approach death attempting to make with the twenty thousand trips up to the fourth floor carrying all of your earthly possessions. For the next four days, try unsuccessfully to balance Frosh-O staff with Folk Choir. Cry. Wonder why on earth you agreed to live on the fourth floor of this un-air conditioned, God-forsaken dorm.

August 24: Start classes. Realize that this academic semester may actually be less stressful than the last week.

September 2-4: Go to Iowa for your cousin's wedding. Swoon a lot over how cute everything is. Make mental note that you are not allowed to have navy blue bridesmaids' dresses at your wedding, because that has now already been done in your family. Shake fist at sky.

September 9: Walk around campus with Folk Choir sophomores. Sing for random lovers outside the library. Love your life so, so much. Remember this date three months later because you are so organized, you wrote it into your iCal. Shake your head at yourself three months later for being such a nerd.

September 20: Take your first theology exam ever. Realize that you are actually kind of good at theology. Laugh.

September 30: Go to Howard Hoedown. Sing obnoxiously/be exactly what Jenna Marbles discusses in "White Girls in the Club." Next day, go to Purdue for football game. Almost end up in a lynch mob because you brought your Purdue friend into the ND student section. Hit yourself for being an idiot. Lose your voice completely for the next week. Complain a lot about having no voice.

October 7-8: Totter for Water. Sit outside seesawing for 24 hours in inexplicable 85-degree weather. Despite how much fun this sounds like, it will actually slowly eat away at your soul. However, you'll take a lot of really cute pictures, so it will be worth it.

October 11: Take second Logic exam. Somehow get a 102/100. Laugh for a really long time. Remind yourself that this class is not real math.

October 22: Start blog. Your life is now infinitely better, and everyone finally realizes how hilarious you are. SCORE.

October 28: Commence Halloweekend. (Please see blog post.) The Monday after, write two papers in something like 5 hours. Get As on both of them anyway. Love your life.

November 10: Compete in Miss ND. Sing song about stalker-dom...with a lisp. Come in third. Wonder how on earth that just happened. Write a blog post about it anyway.

November 19: On day of BC game (last home game of the semester), start off with a lecture on John Paul II, then leave campus to go watch your sister's high school play. Complain a lot about it, but enjoy it anyway. Sleep in your own bed at home and laugh at everyone back in the dorms.

Somewhere around Thanksgiving: Realize that you might actually be obsessed with your the least creepy way possible. Talk with friends about "fourth floor magic." Recognize that you live in the best section in any dorm on campus.

December 10: Go to Glee Club concert. Swoon. Watch the quiet, tone-deaf people around you give you weird looks on the audience sing-along numbers.  Swoon some more. Decide on a whim to go to Glee Club House that night...on the Saturday of study days. Kick yourself a million times for doing this. Stop just short of regretting it, because you just watched the director of the Glee Club take a peppermint pattie, and that is the best thing you will ever witness.

December 14: Participate in spontaneous Just Dance party with most of the fourth floor on the night before your last final. Casually dominate. Absolutely demolish any hope of quiet hours, but don't bother caring, because the RA is right in there with you. Love your life SO. MUCH.

December 16: Go home after the best third semester of college probably ever had, two years to the day after receiving your acceptance letter from Notre Dame. Pat yourself on the back for your incredible timing. Write a blog post about it, because somehow over the course of this semester, that has become "what you do". Continue to complain that Time magazine has once again failed to name you Person of the Year. Wait for Christmas. And oh yeah...SLEEP.

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