Sunday, July 1, 2012

So Guys, I'm in Boston

I bet, dear readers, that you were expecting a post about Vision week 2 right about now. Instead, you're getting a post about...Boston? You see, this week is break week for us Vision kids, and somehow I've managed to join the "going out east" group. Essentially, this is going to be the best week ever. You can probably expect multiple posts by the end of the week, but I figured I had better start out by telling you a bit about how I came to be here, sitting in the slumber-party-room attic of a house in Worcester, Massachusetts.

 Just after the end of Vision week one, "planning" began for break week. By planning, I mean that someone made a Google Doc and told everyone to write on it if they had a house somewhere that we could use. That Sunday afternoon, official planning began. The organizer of each trip idea told us about his or her plan, moved to one corner of the room, and instructed us to go stand with whichever trip we liked the most. I meandered my way over to the group that planned to split between a house on Long Island and a house on the Jersey Shore. By the end of that meeting, it had been decided that I was going to Boston - and I was driving.

 While the students were around during the week, we were forbidden from discussing break week plans. This, of course, did nothing to deter us from talking non-stop about break week every night when we were supposed to be writing Top 9. Deciding what to do during this week was basically a three-ring circus. We knew that my part of the group would make our home base in Worcester at the childhood home of one of our guys. But what should we do once we're there? What about en route? Niagara Falls was briefly tossed out as an idea. A day in the Poconos Mountains was discussed. (I still do not know where the Poconos Mountains are.) As suggestions grew steadily more ridiculous, I at one point threw out, Hey, why not do a side trip to Disneyland Paris? That's east of South Bend! Eventually, we decided to split the week up between Boston/nearby cool places/Woostah (as my current city of residence is properly pronounced); New York City; and Newport, RI. Since Boston is my favorite city in the US and I have wanted with my whole heart to visit NYC since about, eh, 1992, it will be an absolute miracle if I survive this week without dying of an excitement-induced heart attack.

So at 5:45 yesterday morning, our journey began. ...Sort of. 5:45 was our appointed meeting time for a 6 AM departure. After rounding up the over-sleepers, we managed to hit the road by 6:45. Because so few people in our group had cars with them at school, I was designated as one of the drivers for the trip. Those of you who know me well are undoubtedly laughing yourselves into tears upon seeing that sentence. For those of you who don't know, I am among the worst drivers on the face of the earth. Before yesterday, the longest trip my poor little Ford Focus had taken was the hour-and-a-half trek from Logansport to South Bend. Yesterday, it made the 13-hour voyage from South Bend to Worcester. I think this would be an appropriate time for a moment of silent thanks for my car, because it was a trooper. Luckily, I somehow managed to only be behind the wheel for about 3 hours all day, so we made it here alive. We have yet to do much but eat, sleep, and predict Vision couples (Vision kids reading this, none of you are safe).

 In all, then, this post is not the most interesting one I've ever written. Since an onslaught of break week posts are right around the corner, though, I figured I'd better at least point out where I am and why. Friends, if you're reading this and thinking, "hey, I live in Boston and/or New York, why didn't she tell me she was coming?", please do not take offense. The number of people who knew I was here prior to this post who are not my coworkers or parents is approximately three. (And, for the record, if you are in the area this week, I'd love to see you! Call me/beep me if you wanna reach me!) Ta ta for now, readers. To the Vision mentors among you, I wish you the best of break weeks and the best of luck in figuring out who we've forecasted as your new soul mate.

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