Monday, October 31, 2011

This One Time, At Rugby House...

As an American, a college student, and a lover of Mean Girls, I felt it was my civic duty to write a post on that most glorious and inappropriate-costume-filled of holidays, Halloween. More accurately, since today was Halloween itself and very little excitement occurred today (aside from Kim K's divorce), this post will be on Halloweekend, also known as The Weekend Designed to Kill College Students.

For, you see, someone decided this year that it was a great idea to compound the already insane Halloween weekend with parents' weekend, the big Folk Choir concert of the year, and the looming knowledge of two papers due on Halloween itself, which conveniently fell on the universally-acknowledged worst day of the week, Monday. Oh, and did I mention that I apparently have a terrible ear infection, as well? The fact that I am alive to write this post is really nothing short of miraculous. So, as Julie Andrews taught us, let's start at the very beginning - a very good place to start.

The Thursday before Halloween was, for many of my peers/all the people of Earth, the first big night of the Halloweekend party circuit. Lots of people around campus went out - to Fever, to various houses, to dorm parties. And this year, I, too, went St. Liam's. For much of the day Thursday, I had been feeling a bit under the weather. When I returned to my dorm at around 10, I noticed that the hearing in my left ear was slightly off. By 12:30, I could hear nothing out of my left ear at all, and it hurt badly enough that, any hope of doing work long since abandoned, I visited my RA to make sure my ear hadn't fallen off. After a consultation with our resident EMT-turned-assistant rector and half an hour of me complaining, I found myself in an NDSP squad car with both aforementioned hall staff members being escorted to St. Liam's. After a quick and remarkably un-helpful appointment, the nurse sent me back to Howard with a microwaveable gel pack that I'd been instructed to rest my ear on for the night. Needless to say, Friday morning, I awoke healthy, happy, and refreshed after a long night of sleep and headed off merrily to both my classes of the day.

Oh, wait, that's not what happened at all! I slept a whopping 45 minutes in total and called in sick to both my classes, then went back to St. Liam's for an actually helpful appointment. Considering the extremely rocky start to my Halloweekend, the rest of it turned out quite well. Newly restored to non-deafness, I managed to survive the Folk Choir concert with only one major coughing fit. The parts of my weekend spent actually going out were fairly successful, as well. I reaffirmed my dislike of dorm parties, got in some quality time with some quality people, had a great time judging girls for the harlotry of their costumes, and this one time, at rugby house, I got a free ride home in a limo.

On that note, random Knott freshmen, if you happen, by some weird twist of fate, to be reading this, I offer you my thanks. I hope your Midshipman friend made that 8 AM bus of his. And I'm (almost) sorry about that $9 you'll never get back. May all your Halloweekends be successful, and may all your papers be completed more punctually than mine.

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